Pablo Amir√° and Alan Wong have joined forces to bring the UPD (Universal Peek Device) to the magic and mentalism community. The UPD is a new product that will create amazing and immediate results for your performances.

The UPD will transform your normal wallet into an amazing tool for both casual and professional performances. This flat and small leather business card holder fits in any credit card compartment, it keeps your cards in good condition and allows you to create a plethora of different effects.
Nothing to break, no refills, use any business cards and any pen pencil or marker.

The UPD includes a high quality 100% leather holder, UPD and online video instructions from Pablo Amir√°. The video includes the core method, suggested routines and several bonus ideas that will give you new options for your repertoire.

If you want to read minds without any worries and always be ready to create a lasting impression, the UPD is for you.



This well-made utility gimmick does exactly as promised.  It’s based an old and solid principle and will definitely serve you well if you can use it.
Jheff´s Marketplace of the Mind

Simplicity in mentalism is the key and the "Universal Peek Device" is a powerful tool disguised under a normal everyday object. Take it with you and be ready to read people's minds!

Luca Volpe

Pablo Amira's UPD is an inventive, but perfectly justified evolution of a classic idea. It creates a logical and workable method for perfect and pure mind reading effects. I applaud the thinking here and the highest recommendation I can give is that I'll be using it in my professional performances.

Dee Christopher

This item is already a part of my show. Since I used something similar, I just replace it with the UPD. The ad copy makes it as if its just for strolling or close up. I can assure you that this is also an ultimate stage weapon.
Cedric Taylor

I love it. As is often the case, simplicity wins once again here. This is one of the most direct peeks of this kind I have seen. Pablo's teaching of how to use this device is also top notch. Highly recommended.

Fraser Parker

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